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A whole new category of fish on the market
Grup Ros
Packaging Branding Communication
Oriol Aleu
"Marineras, the first fishburger with its own name, began with Eva Estudi, and with it came the whole Freskibo product range. We always knew that defining an entirely new type of product was no easy task. We placed our trust in Eva Estudi to achieve it and we believe that, together, we are making a success of it, not just in terms of market results but also by increasing society’s consumption of fish” – Salvador Ros, managing partner of Freskibo

Fish consumption is falling because many consumers lack time to prepare it while those who have time are growing old. Meanwhile, it is failing to attract children and young people. Against this, we highlighted two general consumption trends: healthy eating, where fish stands out as a healthy food, and convenience shopping, where the consumer is seeking a dynamic channel, like supermarkets, for buying fresh products.

Freskibo began with the support of the Ros Group, a brand with a history of almost 90 years buying and distributing fresh fish, as a business unit to make fish products for the chilled line. The intention was to make it easier to eat fish and to innovate in a traditional sector where there is no identifiable market leader. Ultimately, the challenge was to create a new category in the shopping basket.

Eva Estudi set the tone, with a graphic based on the sea and marine iconography, to design a visual identity of the whole range, featuring Marineras as the star product. The blue and white stripes seek a direct connection with the sea and a strong impact in the fridge, maintained in all the brand’s references. The typeface, inspired by seaside taverns, is a constant in the language, while differentiation between the various products in the range is achieved by creating sub-ranges and changing the basic ingredients for each product.

The look of the product and its language go further: in this case, Eva Estudi created a 360º strategy covering the TV campaign and the look and tone of the brand in applications ranging from the website to corner displays, a trade fair stand and even a food truck for tastings.

The system created has allowed Freskibo not only to create a new category on the market but also to set itself up as the brand that promotes fish consumption and makes it easier.