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Eva Estudi
Eva Estudi’s 20th anniversary sustainable gift
Eva Estudi
Eva Estudi
Branding Communication
Oriol Aleu
Putting art on labels or making labels an art? With these two bottles of wine we wanted to celebrate our 20th anniversary in a different way, with a gift that begins to make sense gradually, as it is opened. A celebration gift in which nothing is superfluous and everything ends up as either art or wine.

Every year at Eva Estudi we give a Christmas gift to our friends and clients: a product made by one of them and designed by us. In 2017, when we celebrated 20 years in business, we set ourselves a challenge: to create a product for the occasion for which the message was more important than the product.

In design we often start at the end so we can work our way back to what might be considered the beginning, and that was the case here. The first image that came to mind when creating the anniversary brand was of the two bottles of wine we were going to give as a Christmas present, one for each ten years of our history, represented by the Roman numeral X. The second was of a label that would be unique and would remain after the product had been consumed.  The graphic artist Arianne Faber, who is associated with well-known newspapers like the NY Times, was commissioned to create two works linked to our space, our surroundings and our everyday activities. This series of two numbered and signed works became wine bottle labels, accompanied by everything required for them to be art before and after they were packaging. The wine box contained a framing mat.

It was a result in all senses of the word: memorable, sustainable and unusual. A demonstration that exclusivity and sustainability – and more specifically reuse – can go hand in hand.