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Carsodo, celebrating nostalgia
La Selva - Joaquim Albertí
Packaging Branding Communication
Oriol Aleu
Paco Arará
This is a brand of cured meat founded in 1895 in Bescanó, a small town of Girona. The purpose of this redesign was to highlight the company's expertise and create an own identity for the brand. Origin and nostalgia. On these two pillars we built the new image of the brand.

Through the origins we went back to those old charcuteries: Walls with white tiles mixed with tiles decorated with monochrome floral motifs.

The nostalgia took us to those old packagings in which the seal, the brand, was the main and only message that a product needed to guarantee its quality. It is in this visual brand that we present the character of the label.

The idea came through the investigation of some of its packaging from the 50's and through the study of traditional packaging. A traditional packaging behaves in a concrete way: for the brands of the past, personalization was a guarantee. A professional butcher looks at the consumer and offers his products. We also wanted to replicate another clear example of the behavior of traditional packaging in the packages of sliced ham. Instead of creating a central window, we put the brand in the center. The brand certifies the quality of the product, in an authentic and honest way, and with the simplicity of a sober chromatic and the strength of a rhomboidal label.