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La Selva Castanea
A charcuterie tradition with a different flavour
La Selva - Coren
La Selva Castanea
Packaging Branding
Paco Arará
With its own identity and design system, we created the image of La Selva Castanea, a line of gourmet cold meats established with Coren Selecta pigs, traditionally fed on chestnuts in Galicia.

In a market where the differences between cooked cold meats – ham and turkey – largely come from the quality of the raw material and the manufacturing processes used, presenting an alternative like a ham for which breed, rearing and feed were so special generated a brand competitive advantage. From this alliance between the La Selva and Coren brands came a special product, with a different, mild flavour largely provided by feeding the animal on chestnuts.

Chestnuts and toasted colours give us the tone for the product – the way the base of the pieces is drawn is an allusion to a chestnut. And we positioned the product in the gourmet area by selecting the right materials and finishes for the packaging. We used the packaging and all the point-of-sale elements to create the world of La Selva Castanea: elegant, autumnal and different.

Thanks to the design system we created for this new range, La Selva has positioned this product in the top delicatessen stores and has brought a new language to the category, showing that a product like a cooked ham can incorporate innovation to move up to a new level.